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AFGHANISTAN: Finnish UN Officer Contaminated by Depleted Uranium (DU)


July 12, 2007

A Finnish UN officer that we happen to personally know (Finlands a small country of some 5 million people) has got the DU "Gulf" syndrome during the two weeks he spent in the border of Kuwait and Iraq in 1990-1991 war and is about to die (currently hes writing his last will or testament, if you prefer that).

The thing is he doesnt want to charge the United States of America, or actually not make his case known at all, and you know why? Because he cant point those actually responsible, the expeditionary force of the United States of America and the politicians that sent then, since abroad the Finnish UN troops are always under UN (now Swedish) command, and so its basically the officers of the Finnish Defence Forces (Suomen Puolustusvoimat) that would have to be the blame.

Ultimately loyal to the the Finnish Army the officer in question will never say a word publicly (even we heard this accidentally through his family) so not to rise charges against those obviously not guilty to what happened and first and foremost not to harm the Finnish Army, where the commander-in-charge is always responsible of whatever happens, even if the commander were unaware of the incident in question (as with DU). I fully agree with him with doing the Right Thing.

Well, I know the guy and I can certainly guarantee you that whatever share of the US supposed loot of Afghanistan-Iraq War was promised to former Finnish PM Paavo Lipponen, when he sold our country to Cheney "Bush" administration well do far better (and earn a lot more, if thats your concern) by keeping Finnish soldiers safe, sound, and health.

Finally, why were telling you this is an army thing. You know these guys, always hanging around en masse, patrols, companies, HQs, etc., getting to hot places, into the harms way, and so on. And an honor thing: no one wants to blame other, unless the limit of proper behaviour for a soldier has been uverstepped.

This is not the case: being a soldier means accepting a "certain risk", as they say. So, no Finnish soldier would tell about his/her depleted uranium contamination, amd accordingly Finland may be taking heavy casualties at this very moment in Afghanistan, Lebanon. The price of destroying the lives of our very best men and women is too heavy for Finland, our Beloved Country, which we all faithfully serve with the very best we got.

As the hands of the Finnish UN soldiers are tied in the manner just described the time has become for all the decent Finns to help the best defence, the ultimate security we Finns ever got and will ever have: our very own army, the Finnish Defence Force (Suomen Puolustusvoimat). There is no way Finland can let US and Israel (Lebanon) to slaughter the very members of our relied defence, the Finnish soldiers themselves.

The truth about the current Finlands UN mission is as follows:
1. The US and NATO have escalated the "aerial war" throughout this year, especially during the Iraqi Baghdad Surge (which is used as a media shelter of US-NATO Afghanistan atrocities under delivery). As a consequence there are nearly daily reports of tens, if not hundreds of civilian casualties as consequences of the US-NATO aerial search-and-destroy missions all over Afghanistan. And its not pretty as you can read from Reports indicate over 150 civilians killed in Afghanistan during past week this is not a UN Peacekeeping mission, but an unrestricted war against unlimited targets.
2. Well underreported there goes on an Afghani Resistance offensive of unforeseen proportions (the Resistance leaders have promised to deliver some 10,000 strikes this year) in which both the US, NATO, the "Afghan" Army and Police are taking unforeseen casualties, as you can confirm from http://www.hindustantimes.com/ and on a daily basis 5 July, 6 July, 7 July, 8 July, 9 July, 10 July, 10 July, 12th July, 12th July, and so on...
3. As a consequence of the sketched developments the Finnish UN mission has turned the Finnish status as that of free, US-siding mercennaries. This not a consequence of being identified to the US troops, but "taking care" (if you can use such an expression here) the several "jobs" otherwise handled by the US-hided mercennaries. By providing "security" (read: "police oppression"), manning and guarding of strategic posts (read: "denying the access from the Afghani Resistance, the legal representatives of the country according to international law"), patrolling (read: "harrassing the Resistance") and so on, Finland is getting more and more involved in the US world war against the Sunni Muslims. Assisting US in an assault like this cannot maintain its neutral status: as often stressed by the US leadership, the Afghanistan and Iraq war belong to the far wider "War on Terror", actually an assault against the Sunnis all over the world (thus the Iraqi Baath party and Afghani "Taliban" are Sunnis and so on.)
4. Though no one in Finland wants to investigate the DU issue any further (those needed to investigate belonging actually to the domain of the Hague international court) its is time for Finland to take a new course in the US-led Afghanistan-Iraq war. What Finland has to do next, is
(1) Apologize to the Afghani People for our partaking of the unjust US assault against them, and reassure the Afghani People that our country has no war against the Afghani people, not against the Afghani Resistance nor against the US puppet "Karzai" government.
(2) As a token of our sincere intentions, the Finnish People commits to compensate any damage caused by Finnish US troops, including possible deaths caused by our men, paying our share of the US-NATO air strikes, including the clean-up of possible depleted uranium targets, should the Finns have ordered these. Also, should the future investigations in situ prove that there exists any other sort of "collateral damage" that Finns are responsible, What comes to this the Finnish people once more apologizes and asks your understanding: the US war was sold our people as a UN peace mission, which our country is eager to support (weve good reputation with that except in Afghanistan).
(3) Finland will withdraw all its troops (now some 100) immediately, in case they are not agreed to stay by all sides of the war in some urgently needed in fixing damage caused by Finns in Afghanistan or other purely humanitarian (non-"security") task.
(4) Finland will investigate how and based on what evidence it got involved in the Afghanistan-Iraq war, find out those policy-makers responsible, and convict them (in case serious crimes against humanity are found, the persons involved will be delivered to the Hague international court.

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