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End Gaza Siege
End Gaza Siege


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Baath statement
Destroying once again the Two Imams' Shrines' Minarets in Samarra :

The Arab Baath Socialist Party


In the name of God the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful

The Arab Baath Socialist Party

One Arab Nation, with an eternal mission

Unity, Freedom, Socialism

Destroying once again the Two Imams' Shrines' Minarets in Samarra :
Who are the perpetrators? and why ?

It is becoming clearer every passing day that the sectarian strife or Fitna is one of the most important pillar of the US, Iranian and Zionist's plan, theoretically and practically and today's attack against Samarra's Imams Ali Al Hadi's and Hassan al Askari's shrines, comes within this framework. Now, a year and four months have passed since the first destruction took place uncovering the US -Iranian involvement in that destruction for the shrine was heavily guarded by two military and security US and Iraqi puppets belts! Despite that the explosion took place in a well studied technical way and with no obstacles.. This destruction bears the evident US - Iranian signature to fuel a sectarian war all over Iraq, and we know that those who undertook such action are Iran's agents and namely Jaber Soolagh, allowing Mahdi army to move to serve a US and Iranian plan to ethnically cleanse Baghdad and transform Iraq's Capital from a city for all Iraqis into a city for a specific sect only and for Persians imported from Iran, leading to the most horrible inter sectarian cleansing throughout all Iraq's history.

Despite these facts, and despite promising to establish an inquiry and sue those who undertook the criminal act in Samarra, the first destruction dossier was practically closed down when the puppet government precipitously accused Al Qaeda and those it calls Saddamists! The past days have showed that no effective measure has been taken and we were left hearing chaotic declarations. This ascertains that those who undertook this destruction were the same ones who have the security and military control over the shrine and nobody else.

Today, while a second explosion takes place after all the drawn lessons and after all the US and its puppet government promises to protect the shrine, it is impossible for even a naive individual, not to point the accusation finger towards the Occupation forces and the puppet government in Baghdad for they have a benefit from this crime! Remember how they claimed times and again taking the necessary measures to prevent such a crime to occur again..

The following observations are extremely important to determine the reasons and the parties behind this new destruction:

1- The US-Iranian agreement on the 28th May 2007 in between the US and Iranian ambassadors in Iraq was an official crowning of the bilateral cooperation and entente, to renew, deepen their collaboration and solve their problems on Iraq's detriment from one hand and upgrade their collaboration to intensify their aggression in Iraq in new ways knowing that all their previous attempts to fuel al Fitna -sectarian strife, have collapsed due to the Iraqi people consciousness of their real aims and the ones behind. Yes! Indeed! Both agreed to try once more to turn the Iraqi patriot Armed Revolution against US and Iranian occupations, into a sectarian Fitna through starting formidable destruction in order to establish and develop plans like the ones in Al Adhamya, i.e. building walls around this neighborhood and turning it into a large prison. Didn't militant Al Basra network divulged a plan set by a commission headed by the criminal collaborator Ahmad Chalabi with the help of Iranian agents to turn some 50 Iraqi Resisting towns against the Occupation into large jails, isolated areas or protectorates.. as the ones invented by the racist South African Apartheid regime? Encircled by Al Mahdi Army and other collaborating militias with the Occupation and with Iran, and murdering, in a way or in an other, any one who carries an arm, and imposing the regime of large prisons upon the population. Yes! These plans need some big justifications and pretexts in particular when we saw how people rejected them in Al Adhamya and were condemned world wide.. Hence it was necessary to fabricate a big event to undertake a big plan ..and came the second destruction of both minarets in Samarra' shrine to put into practice the US and the Iranian ambassadors' scheme in Iraq.

2- This destruction has been preceded by other destruction of Iraqi Islamic shrines such as the Abdel Qader al Gaylani's, Abu Hanifa's and Imam Ali's dome ( May Allah bless them all) and after an endless series of burning Iraqi mosques and Husseinyats and all these criminal acts were registered as the deed on an unknown perpetrators, while ready accusations were made again by the puppet government against Al Qaeda or what it calls the Saddamists..

The main question remained, who are behind these crimes?

3- These crimes against the Iraqi religious sacro sanct places were accompanied by an aggressive and a grave Takfiri campaign against half of the Iraqi people through legally killing the Refusers. i.e. liquidating every Iraqi Shia patriot, faithful to his homeland, expelling him by force from his home. Furthermore this criminal campaign has attained even the patriots in amongst Iraq' Shias who were murdered by Iran gangs for refusing to trade their loyalty to the homeland and to Iraq against a sect, and were forced to leave their homes to other more secure areas.. Then the Takfiri gangsters murdered them and confiscated their belongings, humiliating their wives in a way contrary to the Islamic and Arab ethics. Our Party asserts again that the ones who issues these Fatwas to legalize the blood' shedding of Iraqi Shias or Iraqi Sunni, Iraqi Christians or Iraqi Mandeans, is a US occupation puppet or an Iranian agent. Yes these two, plus the Zionist Entity are the main beneficiaries from killing people according to their sectarian identity.

4- These US - Iranian crimes were undertaken by Takfiri fatwas forcing the Mujahideens against the Occupation to choose either to support, join the Takfiris or to be liquidated and murdered and were followed by unfortunate fight in between the Mujahedeen who were victims not of the Occupation bullets but of some who claim combating it. This state of affairs has sent a shock wave in large Iraqi circles especially at a time when the Occupation has reached the highest degree of its decisive defeat and suddenly we witness these inter fight as a rescue buoy for the Occupation to achieve its most ever valuable objective, is to drive a wedge in between the ranks of the Iraqi Resistance which humiliated him, dragged its filthy nose into the mire and made out of its stay in Iraq a chaff blown by the wind.

5- It becomes evident that the second destruction was timed with the fabricated and grave explosions to fuel sectarian ill feelings in other Arab countries such as Lebanon, where Fath al Islam came to light and insinuations here and there were heard to establish an Islamic emirate to compete with the Safawi pro Iranians and the Christians with a US -Zionist agenda while the pace for murdering Lebanese personalities, intensified. These developments must be regarded as a one US -Iranian- Zionist plan to fuel sectarian strife to replace the liberation combat. The US' intention to establish military bases in northern Lebanon, under the pretexts of artificial worries and fears, will add more oil to the fire and will disrupt the peace in Lebanon

Also what is happening in occupied Palestine such as the unfortunate in fight between Fath and Hamas has grave consequences despite being masked as a power struggle. This also is a part of the US-Zionist- Iranian plan to heighten tensions to include all the Arab Homeland and mainly the fundamental struggle areas.. One of these objectives is to sow desperation and conceal the positive fundamental phenomenon and specially the patriotic Armed Resistance against any occupations be US, Zionist or Iranian specially in Iraq and Palestine. Here we must draw attention on how the enemy Media started to criticize or to attack the Iraqi Armed Resistance and claim its undergoing a sectarian war instead of a liberation war. These Media, too, attack the Palestinian Resistance blaming it to struggle for power instead of combating the Zionist Occupiers.. while the West Bank and Gaza are still under the complete Zionist Occupation ! All these campaigns attempt to rob the Arab Resistance its liberation and responsible patriot character and accuse it to act thoughtlessly.

6- The number one responsible for today's Samarra' destruction's is the Occupation, the Maliki puppet government, and Iran! Therefore confronting any of these acts must be first of all through continuing the combat against the US and Iranian occupations, wreck and reject the whole political process in Iraq, and bury the puppet government, completely and utterly rejecting any sectarian agenda whatever appearances it may take.

Based on the above fundamental observations, it is clear that what is happening in Iraq and in the region are criminal interconnected acts undertaken by enemy forces against the Arab nation and specifically the US, Iran and the Zionist Entity, to wipe out the Nation identity through liquidating its patriotic Resistance and replace it with a sectarian in-fight or a struggle for power.. to isolate and edge out it from the masses, while confronting this ferocious US - Zionist Entity -Iran unholy trinity and left with no choice but either to get wiped out or to collaborate with the Occupation.

Our Party while reminding these facts, requests from all the patriotic forces and specially inside the Armed Patriotic Resistance in Iraq, the followings:

1- It is important, this very day and not tomorrow, to establish the global National Front to involve all the patriot Iraqis who reject the Occupation. The absence of this Front will help the Occupation to maneuver. Our objective, today, is to widen the Patriotic, National and Islamic Front in Iraq and to studiously act to involve all the patriots be organizations or individuals.

2- Every heroic Iraqi Armed Resistance faction is invited to join this initiative, i.e. the unification of all the Jihadi factions into one Front which involves not only the Islamic organizations but all the combating national and patriotic organizations and that the Front should be based on a National program for liberation, away from any sectarian purpose, or any sectarian framework, a real National Program as far as its objectives, its identity or its characteristics are concerned and which incorporates all Iraq and embraces all the sons and daughters of Iraq and completely overcomes sectarianism and anti sectarianism behavior.This is the only way to shut the door in the face of any US-Iranian attempt to infiltrate the Iraqi Resistance.

3- Whatever was said about some organizations who ranked with the Occupation, for participating only into its governments, our Party calls these who claim fighting the Occupation to proof that through cutting every links with the Occupation and with the sectarian Iranian agendas, to stop murdering and assassinating Iraq' symbols and to immediately enter a direct dialogue with the Patriotic Resistance and the Iraqi patriotic forces in order to incarnate all the Iraqis' hopes for liberation from US and Iranian colonialism.

4- Our Party, which deeply and unshakably believes that liberating Iraq from the Occupation is the most important duty which overpasses any other, asserts again, and reminds once more about its Liberation strategy based on strong and permanent inalterable principle to establish a National Alliance government involving all these who fought and acted sincerely to defeat the Occupation, where there will be no room for power grabbing from any group, and where the final say will be for the election boxes.

Let's all stand united against the new US-Iranian aggression!
Long live the Iraqi Revolution our big hope to liberate Iraq from the Occupation!
Glory and eternity for the Arab Nation's and Iraq's martyrs and above all the Martyrs' master Saddam Hussein!
Shame and dishonor to all the sectarian strife heralds!
Long live the Mujahideen in the Patriotic, National, and Islamic factions and above all the grand Mujahid Izzat Ibrahim al Duri.

Iraq Leadership
Iraq Culture and Information Bureau
The Arab Baath Socialist Party Baghdad,
Iraq on the 13th June 2007
Baghdad, Martyr Saddam Hussein's Capital City

Yankee yobs out of Mesopotamia -Iraq, the cradle of civilization!

Palestine is Arab and Free from the River to the Sea!
One Arab Nation from the Gulf to the Ocean!

*Translated by Abu Assur. http://www.al-moharer.net

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