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Syria News - August 15, 2011 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

Local Coordination Committees of Syria


August 15, 2011

Ola Jiblawi a 3 year old child girl the moment of dying - Lattakia Syria 14 08 2011

(08.15.2011) Homs | The fallen hero Abdul Kareem Abdul Ghani Al-Syoofi

Martyr Ilham Baghdash from Skantoury district in Lattakia

(08.15.2011) Latakia # Mohamad Al-Shreki , killed by the Syrian army

The Latakia massacre 15-8

Tanks in Ramel area in Lattakia

(08.15.2011) Latakia | Tank shells Masbah AlSha'ab area - Free Syria

Tanks in Ramel area in Lattakia

Heavy Gunfire in Ramel dawn time

Random shelling for houses in Slaibeh in Lattakia

Thugs attack the residents of Slaibeh, Lattakia

Number of martyrs raised to 14 today
Syrians…Exceptional Solidarity

The tragedy of Raml (or Palestinian Raml) has not stopped since yesterday. The neighbourhood was first built as a camp for Palestinians refugees after their major emigration in the 1940s (hence the name is related to them). Gradually it grew to become one of the largest neighborhoods in Lattakia containing a mixture of the poorest people in the city in an area that lacks for the basic urban services. This could be one other reason why people in that neighborhood were infuriated with the regime that nurtured corruption in the country. Demonstrations in the area never stopped since the beginning of the Syian Peaceful Uprising, taking place more than once a day, in addition to demonstrations in neighboring boroughs such as Skantouri, Qala’a, Slaibeh and Masbah Al-Shaab, and even in Kneinis which is far from the "opposition league" in the city.

Since dawn today, military forces completed its invasion and started randomly shooting in all the areas with intermittent sounds of explosions that did not even spare people who were trying to flee this war that the security forces had waged against these residential areas.

On the other hand, in Hawla (in Homs Suburbs) which had already witnessed military and security invasion one week ago, a similar campaign took place today where the invasion was accompanied by mass arrests of tens of young people many of whom were returned as crushed corpses from brutal torturing. Many women and children were killed inside their houses or on their doors from random gunfire. What’s new today is that the waves of arrests have extended to villages inhabitant by a Turkman and Alawite majority in Hawla which is of multi-sectarian and multi-racial nature.

All attempts of the regime forces to strike a city to weaken the demonstrations, are becoming a subject for bigger and growing number of demonstrations in other cities in solidarity with the affected cities, even the cities that are under military siege and spread of armed security forces, are challenge the fear and protesting with the activists who remained outside the regime’s prisons, or those who are newly joining the demonstrations. Today the demonstrations in Aleppo and its suburbs continued and rose since it started few days ago. Daraa’s villages and cities which are besieged since the launch of the first spark of the uprising continued demonstrating today. Homs which is divided by the military barricades, Hama which didn’t recovered yet after the invasion that started 15 days ago, Qamishli, Deir Ezzor, Damascus and it’s huge suburbs and Idlib that is witnessing military movements, all demonstrated today with bigger numbers and new places.

Lattakia: Attack on Palestinian refugee camp: the army stormed al-Raml refugee camp today( Yafa and Ain Gazal). There is discontinous shooting and the people are under siege in Raml and in early morning one of the houses was fired at by machine guns 14.5 . The security forces are using people as human shield to shoot other people. People were given only one hour to flee their houses whith the threat that the houses will be destroyed even if the do not leave. The mirates of the mosques were shot at by machine guns.There's lack at blood for the wounded,doctors,food,and baby milk.And also the Syrian TV was brought to Al-Raml to picture the army as if it's protecting people!!

Lattakia: A woman was killed, and Riayd Siraj, driver of a minibus, was severely injured as he was transporting one of the displaced families when security forces opened fire after they arrived to Boustan Al-Seidawi and Samkeh. There are reports of a possible storm. Riyad Siraj was rescued to Tabiyat Hospital. Nobody was allowed to accompany him there.

Homs: Abd Al Ghani Syofi was martyred by the bullets of security forces in Ghouta neighborhood.

Idlib : Cars of security forces and shabiha (regime’s armed thugs) with fixed machine-guns enter the villages eastern to Marrat Al-Nouman and Omaraa Mawaly village waging a detention campaign: there is an invasion and arrest campaign that is now being carried out in Marshourin by security forces accompanied by ambulances to transport the prisoners. This campaigns included many people like Hareth Hamed Alhamoud and his brother Ahmad Hamed Alhamoud as well as Abdulraouf Mustafa to join the list of the many detainees in town, which includes the child Salim Wahid Alterman (13 years) who has been kidnapped 55 days ago and his destiny is yet unknown

Security in AlSkantroy and Bustan AlSamakeh are calling poeple through loudspeakers to evacuate their houses.

Lattakia: at 3:00am many people fleed Ramal neighborhood but at Ain Altmra checkpoint the army arrested the guys and fired at the families, even though they have the permit to leave. The shooting lead to injuries of 2 years old child and to a man, 22 years old in a critical situation since there is a big lack in doctors, nurses and medicine. The shooting continued and the arbitrary firing for many hours since early morning in addition to a copaign of raids to the houses and arresting many people and stealing the houses. Snipers are everywhere and they use different kind of weapons.Two hours ago, sounds of bombs were heard.

After Ramadan night prayer (Taraweh), the daily time for demonstrations in all cities, villages and neighborhoods to walk out demonstrating, mostly unified with their chants for freedom and in solidarity with their brothers whom are under siege, gunfire and random killing in Lattakia, Hama, Idlib and Deir Ezzor.

Homs: Al-Hawla: a convoy of tanks and personnel carriers have entered Teldo-Homs road this dawn where they spread in the streets and a number of these vehicles have settled around A-Hurria square.Also, around 100 cars loaded with thugs headed to the north.Electricity, water, and landlines are cutoff and heavy random gunfire.

Homs: Heavy gunfire from various heavy weapons as security forces stormed Al-Hawla in dozens of military armored vehicles.

Demonstration in Qaboun now that set off from the Grand Mosque after morning prayers, chanting in support of Lattakia and Deir Ezzor and Hama and the "occupied" Syrian cities. The people are chanting for the execution of the president.

Lattakia: Very heavy gunfire on Al-Harsh road, and sounds of explosions are heard in Raml while the random shelling continues. Massive numbers of women and children are fleeing the neighborhood seeking refuge in Ain Al-Tamra neighborhood, which lies between Al-Harsh road and Raml neighborhood. Sounds of Takbeer are being heard in these areas.

Homs: Qosair: martyrdom of at least one person from the heavy shooting associated with storming the city, and continuing the detention campaign.

Deir Ezzor: arrest of Rwad Al-Awad (16 years old) on 11-8-2011 in Senaa neighborhood, he is a mentally handicapped child and there is still no news about him.

Lattakia: arrest of Sheikh Abd Arahman Aranaot, in Ain Tabra area with his wife and kids note that he was banned from delivering a sermon and leading the prayer for a while for refusing to cooperate with the security.

Homs:civilian cars of Shabiha (regime's armed thugs) Roaming in the inflamed neighborhoods and gun fire on the people, under the eyes of the security services and their care. The news confirmed the injury of 1 year-old boy shot in the stomach at the Al-Baladi (Municipal) Stadium, and a man injured at a Al-Hamra roundabout with several bullets and his condition is critical.

Homs: heavy gun fire by the security forces and military vehicles scattered along the Zeer street in neighborhoods Bayada and Khaldieh. As shown by injuries, security forces have used nail bombs to disperse the demonstrators.

Lattakia: Huge damage in the main street of the Palestinian Camp in Raml, that is connecting between the main square and the Talaee camp (scout camp), many shops are stolen and many houses are destroyed.

Lattakia: Qnenis neighborhood is under indiscriminate shelling and heavy shooting from heavy machine guns.

Lattakia: Heavy gunfire from heavy machineguns near Talaea Camp and a campaign of arrests affecting hundreds.

Daraa: 2000 demonstrators marched from Manshia in Daraa-Al Balad in solidarity with Lattakia and all besieged cities, chanting to topple the regime.

Qamishli: more than 1000 demonstrators set out in front of Qasmo mosque toward Al Hielalieh square in the west neighborhood in the city, the demonstrators march toward Monir Habib street but heavy security forces prevent them.

Homs: Gunfire toward demonstrators in all neighborhoods resulted 20 injured, they've been moved to two different hospitals. Random detaining in all Homs' neighborhoods and a massive demonstration in the Palestinian Camp in solidarity with Raml in Lattakia.

Banyas: Several tanks have spread in the city in the neighborhood of Qosour. Many tanks are gathering in the area of Mirah near Banyas.

Daraa: Tafas: Two demonstration set out from the north and the south of the town heading towards the town center to unite there despite security barricades that are spread throughout the area to prevent the demonstrations.

Daraa downtown: A candle vigil has just taken off in Al-Arbaeen neighborhood.

Lattakia: God is the greatest chants and chants in solidarity with Raml in Tabeyat and Salebieh project.

Lattakia: Renewed fire from heavy machineguns near Talaea camp in Raml and the area of the watersports center.

Jableh: arrival of many people from Raml in Lattakia who deserted from the military operation in their area to Jableh, and there are some injured between them, witness accounts talk about atrocities committed by the regime against unarmed civilians in Raml and the surrounding areas.

Damascus suburbs: Madaya: Security forces dispersed a demonstration this night by live ammunition, security checkpoints were intensified on the town entrances, raids and home storming operations were conducted and many were detained.

shooting on a demonstration at Malaab street and fall of several injuries.

Damascus: demonstrations came out tonight from Al-Thanaa mosque in Adawy, Snaneya in Bab Jabyeh and Nqashbendy in Sweq.

Damascus Suburbs: Kesweh: random and heavy shooting from the point of building officers.

Daraa: Daeel : three thousands people site in the martyr Yaser Al Asemi square in solidarity with Raml neighborhood and all the besieged cities

Hama: Demonstrations in Janoub Malab, Qosour neighborhood and a small demo near manakh mosque in solidarity with Lattakia.

Aleppo: demonstration in hundreds start from Kasany mosque in Hamidiyeh neighborhood and chanting in solidarity with the besieged cities.

Daraa: Jasem: demonstration in Shamaly neighborhood chanting for toppling of the regime while the security forces and the military are trying to disperse the protesters, demonstrations in Jasem are daily despite the heavy military presence in the city supported by 60 tan.

Damascus Suburb: Tal: tens are participating in a demonstration that set out from Al Faroq mosque despite of the arresting campaign yesterday especially of the activists two days ago.

Aleppo: Tal Refaat: massive demonstration start from the front of the mall and roam around the city chanting for toppling of the regime.

Daraa: Sanamain: massive demonstration in Shohadaa square and the protesters are chanting in solidarity with Raml neighborhood in Lattakia, Hama, Homs and all the besieged cities.

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: security forces disperse by force a demonstration that started from the front of Anas Bin Malik mosque, and arrest one of the protesters.

Daraa: Nemer: demonstrations set out from various mosques march to meet in the dispensary square in the city center.

Homs: demonstrations in Bab Amro, Ghota, Qarabees, Bab Hood, Inshaat and Bab Sbaa with thousands of protesters, while the security forces stationed near the police headquarters in the city, fully armed and in alert status.

Daraa: Inkhel: Demonstrators are challenging threats of security forces and shabiha (regime's armed thugs) of direct shooting at them if they don't end large demonstrations that went from all mosques of the town chanting to topple the regime and in support to Raml and the besieged areas.

Lattakia: A demonstration went from Bairakdar mosque in Mashroo Slaibe chanting for Raml and to topple the regime, security forces are now attacking the area with heavy shooting.

Daraa: 2 demonstrations in Sad way with about 2000 demonstrators, and another one in Daraa Al-Balad inspite of heavy prsence of security forces and gun fire above heads to disperse the demonstrations.

Homs: security forces storm into Albayada neighborhood a while ago with the support of the army tanks in the middle of heavy shooting from many kinds of machine guns, with raiding the homes and arresting tens of people.

Lattakia: heavy gunfire from fixed machineguns and heavy weapons and tanks on Raml from all the directions , the injuries can't be difined because of cutting all the communications and the unability to reach the region.

Jableh: establishment of new barricades now at the government complex and at Bin Al-Ulaby there is also inspection and checking of the ID cards on some of the barricades to verify the displaced from Lattakia.

Hama: many wounded after shooting on homes in Kvrenbaudh and it was after the security forces stormed into the town, karnaz town and many neighboring towns. It is now moving toward Hamameyat village sync with the campaign of arrests and is placing barriers at the entrances to these villages to prevent people from escaping.

Latakia: Heavy shelling with heavy weapons in Al-Raml. And heavy gunfire in Slaiba,Tabyat,Qnainas,Basatin Al-Rihan,Masbah Al-Sha'b.Owaineh,Qal'aa,Al-Her​sh and Ein Al-Tamra

Deir Ezzor: Mr. Salah Hayes died due to wounds he got on Friday 12-8-2011 suring shooting by security forces, his funeral will start this afternoon at 5 PM from Hamidieh neighborhood near Banat Oola school.

Deir Ezzor: Security barriers were replaced all around the city and they are searching anyone who's passing by along with random wave of arrest

Lattakia: entry of the army to Masbah AlShaab area and random shooting using heavy machine guns in addition to military vehicles and columns of smoke rising from Masmakeh right now.

General strike in many areas: Slaibeh, Slaibeh project, Ashrafieh, Kwatlee street, Hanano street. The army is surrounding Ugarit square and also Yaman square and also they search the cars and they check carefully the IDs.

Daraa: Mahga: Security forces raid early morning the village and started a random detaining campaign included big number of the youth and elder residences.


Syria Protests August 15, 2011 : A Video Roundup:

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