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AFGHANISTAN: Proof of the harmfulness of the DU to the Children in Iraq, Afghanistan and the UN Finland's troops involved the U.S. Israeli, U.K. NATO depleted uranium wars


20 August 2007

On the proof of harmfulness of depleted uranium (DU)

Our visitor Gary wrote (cf. the comment dated 19/8/07 12:54, Gary's comments with italics in what follows):

"I still see no proof that DU is harmful"
(The "still" above refers to our latest article on the issue here.)

- Seeing you still insisting this, we more and more and more suspect that you're just trolling. Anyone with some years of school behind can confirm the harmfulness of DU in just a couple of hours, if (s)he wants to.

Having real professions in Universities around Finland (being researchers ourselves), we're somewhat overstretched by these duties, simultaneously taking care of the Finns, Afghans and Iraqis in our free time, and so we find this discussion more and more frustrating, but let it be so for once more:

In this article we deliver you proof enough of the harmfulness of depleted uranium (DU), so that we're able to proceed with real issues, and stop insisting there and back with something we all already know.

So, for example, here you have it, quite independently of all the possible DU freaks around the internet, right from a most recent scientific publication (from NewScientist) we've seen around lately:

Depleted uranium weapons linked to lung cancer

Governments deny it, but many people have long suspected that depleted uranium weapons may cause cancer. It looks as if the suspicions were right.

Depleted uranium (DU) is a dense, weakly radioactive metal used in armour-piercing shells. Hundreds of tonnes of them were fired by US and UK forces in Iraq in 2003. Previous research at the US government's Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico found that people exposed to DU dust were at little extra risk of developing cancers.

Now the first study of DU's effects on human lung cells suggests otherwise. Toxicologist John Wise and colleagues at the University of Southern Maine in Portland exposed cultures of human bronchial fibroblasts to particles of uranium oxide typically found in DU dust. Chromosomes in the cells mutated and the cells died, genotoxic effects that increased with the particle concentration. This may increase a person's risk of lung cancer, the team conclude.

Journal reference: Chemical Research in Toxicology (DOI: 10.1021/tx700026r)
From issue 2603 of New Scientist magazine, 14 May 2007, page 4-5

So there is it, the proof.

What comes to this everyone should note, of course, that the lung cancer is only one aspect of the harmfulness of the DU, related to the DU dust inhaled (and thus getting into your lungs): it can also get into your organs through a wound or swallowed (should you eat or drink something contained by DU, yielding equally nasty results in your other organs such as kidneys and so on, depending where the DU gets and ends up with).

Furthermore, it must be added that the DU does not come only in anti-tank rounds, but in all forms, including bombs, missiles, artillery and hand gun rounds etc. as you can see from the DU rounds in this picture:

On the effects of DU to the Iraqi Children

After this Gary proceeds on saying:

"or that it is somehow responsible for all those undocumented "birth defects", which show up on dozens of other anti-DU websites, similarly unaccompanied by documentation."

(An Afghan baby, mostrously defected by the U.S. DU)

- Again, we find Gary's line of thought hard to follow: what else are the photographs than documentation? It is true that the pictures we provided are available in the internet and of course we took them just because that.

Due (or rather: DUe) the partially successful U.S. media blackout in Iraq it is hard to get any pictures from Iraq at all (the reporters, especially the heroic ones delivering knowledge threatening the U.S. being gunned down on a disturbingly regular basis), but we assure you that there are a fucking lot more actual DU children, not just the couple pictures we released here.

If unsatisfied with pictures you have already seen, here's "something completely different", a recent article, referring directly to the Iraqi health ministry official report, saying that since 2001 there has been an incredible, astonishing and unforeseen number of 13129 deformed Iraqi children being born.
(Our eds suggest everybody to follow the link above so to check out the video there and make yourself acquinted with the sources provided there, some of it pretty new and not belonging to the older layer of the DU evidence.)

On the stealth mode approach

Then Gary goes on:

"If some clandestine Finnish laboratory, or whoever (????), really does have proof that DU is harmful, and knows of effective treatment, then it is extraordinarily irresponsible and unprofessional not to share it with the world health community."
- As we already pointed out a "lab" of toxicologist John Wise and colleagues at the University of Southern Maine in Portland, who've chosen to come out with the issue, we're sure they'll more than gladly respond to questions of harmfulness of DU should anyone want to know more (google them so to find the contact adress).

What comes to the Finland, the thing is that our country is very small (the population topping just some five millions) and in comparison to the fact that already in 2005 "Out of the 580,400 [U.S.] soldiers who served in GW1 (the first Gulf War), of them, 11,000 are now dead! By the year 2000, there were 325,000 on Permanent Medical Disability. This astounding number of 'Disabled Vets’ means that a decade later, 56% of those soldiers who served have some form of permanent medical problems!".

Now that more than two years have passed, and to this number there is to add the further U.S. casualties from the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (some 1,4 million U.S. troops rotated through them so far), the U.S. DU casualties certainly top 500,000, which would make 10% of the total population of our country, Finland.

With such figures you must understand that however the Finns would like to help, these people were let let down by the U.S. current administration and their tool in avoiding to help the US troops, the Veteran Administration.

Such absurd casualty figures clearly top all the capabilities of our country to offer help, even if we turned every single medical facility in Finland to help exclusively the U.S. GIs in their "Gulf War Syndrome" (a.k.a. Depleted Uranium Toxication).

Needless to say, even if we should possess such information as the location of the Finnish medical treatment (we're not authorized to say anything on this issue), it is our utmost aim to preserve it functional, which it would certainly not remain, should some, say, 100,000 US GIs contact them next week and ever after for the rest of the life of the medical crew. Clearly this is an issue that the U.S. Vets must sort out themselves, their own country being responsible for their treatment, not Finland.

How the US vets are going to handle the situation now that the US administration has nearly stripped the U.S. citizens out of every basic constitutional rights (including peace activism) depends on the American culture itself, which we're unable to understand at all these days: where the U.S. nukes everyone we Finns, just like we here now, work exactly to the opposite aims, such as providing medical treatment. These two do not go together in the long run at least.

What comes to this, all we can say is that should anything at least slightest comparable have happened here in Finland, in our culture the ordinary people, our ladies and gentlemen would have gunned down all our members of parlament, senate and government (including the prez) plus of course all those having plotted with them. This would have taken place already years ago and all this with kind assistance (read: proper planning and extreamely heavy calibre spearheading) from the Finnish Defence Forces to the effect that the overrun ministries would have been occupied by proper people so to provide medical treatment to our casualties and convict those not gunned down in the process. So, there's little the Finns can do, because we fail to understand the passivity of the U.S. citizens themselves.

(Picture: Finnish unit in urban area warfare rehersal)

Finally, we want to underline that the route to medical treatment in question was first pathfinded by the Finnish UN officer, and so it is him, who has the full and sole right to decide who's he gonna pass the information, no one other, including our news service.

Knowing how the Finns are, it is easy to "quess" that should he hear from Sinibaretti (or any other Finnish UN guys he knows he trusts) that there are other Finns in the same situation, he'd just "might" choose help his brothers/sisters in arms (and likely, any Finn) as best as he can, just as we're doing here: as we've repeated and repeated, the Finns do not leave their casualties, not wounded, nor dead ever before, and won't start doing it in this fucking war either.

On the "miracle elixir snake oil salesmen of the old American west"

After that Gary says:
"But I suspect it is simply a hoax, not unlike the miracle elixirs offered by the snake oil salesmen of the old American west, or the faith-healings by yesterday and today's "holy" hucksters."
- Once more: actually, as we mentioned in our two latest articles on the issue here and here, IT IS OUR VERY OWN FINNISH UN TROOPS, represented by the Sinibaretti magazine that you're very outrageously suggesting to be SOME FUCKING MIRACLE ELIXIR SNAKE OIL SALESMEN OF THE OLD AMERICAN WEST DECEIVING THEIR OWN PEOPLE.


Finnish DU diagnosis provided by Finnish experts

"Buyer [sic! = Be yer?, - NDHF eds.]beware, Finnish troops. DU is not the cause of your illness."
- What comes to this Gary, WE SERIOUSLY WARN YOU OF GOING ON PUTTING FORTH FALSE, AND BASELESS CLAIMS OF "I suspect"-STYLE on something which you know nothing about: the ABILITY , CAPABILITY and WILLINGNESS of the FINNS to TAKE CARE of EACH OTHER and OTHERS AS WELL IS WELL KNOWN to THE WORLD, neatly indicated e.g. by the fact that the Finns provide full 1,000 REAL PEACEKEEPERS, not some idiot SEARCH-AND-DESTROY troops to the PROFIT of the ENTIRE WORLD, and we're paying it ALL BY OURSELVES.

, just as we have reported.

Once more: establishing a DU diagnosis is very simple: the ISOTOPE U-236 DOES NOT OCCUR NATURALLY, BUT COMES FORTH ONLY IN the BYPRODUCT of THE ENRICHMENT PROCESS, the NUCLEAR WASTE, what they also call the DEPLETED URANIUM, when USED IN MILITARY PURPOSES. When you have that with medical problems related, there you have it.

On the status of the (unofficial) Finnish medical treatment channel

"Look[s] to more likely villains, and tell the DU scaremongers (...)"


§1. The first "villain" and "scaremonger" Gary's referring here is the Finnish UN officer contaminated by the U.S. use of DU in the first Gulf War in the U.S. DU bombardment in Iraqi-Kuwaiti border in 1990-1991, with DU diagnosis.
(Sorry, no picture available, not now, not ever)

§2. The second "villain" and "scaremonger" is a source very close to the family of the UN soldier in question (absolutely not wanting his name mentioned either, and we're very capable of keeping secrets: actually there's only one member of our team knowing the name so that not even our crew, except the editor in question knows any names, we preferring the maximal security, so that NO ONE HERE EVER LEAKS ANYTHING.
(Sorry, no picture available either, nor will be)

§3. The third "villain" and "scaremonger" is our editor mentioned above and, of course, adamantly backing him the entire NEWSDESK HELSINKI FINLAND crew, so let's check out what our "villains" have done so far: as we reported here, we've stood up to deliver the news in such a manner that
(a) We don't need to mention any names (an absolute must, all those directly involved, including us, Sinibaretti and Finnish Military hating such approach)

(Picture available: a NEWSDESK HELSINKI FINLAND page from alexa.com)

(b) We secured the seriousness of medical treatment offer by directing it to the proper channel we deemed to serve the purpose the best (the Sinibaretti magazine)
(c) Using media contacts (especially Uruknet, trusted not only us, but as you can now see by UN Observer) we placed the news around (by now the article's available in some 40 locations in the internet.
(d) Any Finn, suspecting to have been contaminated by the U.S.-U.K.-Israeli use of DU in anywhere in the world will find his/her way to the medical treatment following the instructions we've passed around with the most kind and appreciated assistance of the supporting news services, especially Uruknet, to which Finland passes its most sincere thanks:

(Picture: Lion of Babylon Logo of uruknet.info)

§4. The fourth "villains" and "scaremongers", and not only that, but even worse, according to Gary, the "miracle elixir snake oil salesmen" are the Finnish UN troops through their reporters in the Sinibaretti magazine, the official voice of the Finnish Peacekeepers (http://www.rauhanturvaajaliitto.fi/), who secure the credibility of the offer and likewise escort the Finnish DU casualties to the diagnosis and medical treatment right after. A very disturbing bunch of villains and scaremongers indeed, because these guys work under the Finnish Defence Forces themselves:

(Picture: The Finnish Defence Forces logo)

§5. And, finally, let us not forget the greatest villains and scaremongers of all, the people working with or very close to the United Nations. I mean look at them, there they are, the UN Observer, having the nerve to check out our reporting and proceed on right on publishing it without any requests for doing so:

(Picture: The United Nations Logo)

Needless to say, the NEWSDESK HELSINKI FINLAND passes its most warmest and grateful thanks to all the co-villains and co-scaremongers just mentioned above.

Who's wasting and whose time?

"(...) to quit wasting your valuable search time."
- Let's finally put this straight too: we do not know where and how you are wasting your time, but certainly you're doing just that, because aware that all the pictures we posted are indeed available in the internet means a lot of time wasted in the internet, since despite all the time you apparently haven't been able to find out proof of the harmless of depleted uranium, which took our crew only a couple of minutes (cf. the now tree kind of evidence we provide in the beginning of the article: photos, scientific results and Iraqi statement on the figures).

Personally, our editor responsible would like to pass you his greetings that he has 27 years of education behind him, is currently writing a considerable dissertation in Helsinki University. He is a most busy and expensive man (being the best educated person in his own field of study ever), and that he's doing this because that he's pissed off about the U.S., U.K. and Israel of nuking Finnish Peacekeepers and moreover deeply troubled on the behalf of the innocent Afghan and Iraqi children and people targeted by the monsters in Washington, London and Tel Aviv.

The thing is that - as it is with us Finns, as a rule notorious for their one-word-sentence expressions - our crew has passed the "whether-DU-is-harmful?" and "Hear-me-telling-how-terribly-terribly-dangerous-DU-is" phases,since gathered that well enough long ago. Instead, we have proceeded directly to the action (which is highly estimated here in Finland as the proper attitude instead of endless babbling on self-evident issues).

The Real Motives of the DU news delivery

(MoFA Kanerva and Condi Rice plotting Finnish DU involvement)

That we decided to deliver the news now has nothing to do with scaring anyone out of his wits (thought we think such an approach would not be the worst there is at all), but is a direct result of Finland's current Minister of Foreign Affairs being an irresponsible idiot (to mention some of his his best properties), currently plotting with Condoleeza Rice not only to rise the amount of the Finnish UN peacekeepers from 100 to 200, but - what the even more alarming - to transform the well-reputated Finnish UN peacekeeping mission into some NATO (i.e. U.S.-commanded) search-and-destroy mission.

Both together would mean the Finns would not only participate in the HORRIBLE WAR CRIMES of the U.S., the U.K. and Israel in a world war already lost, but - the search-and-destroy missions operating the U.S. nuked areas in Afghanistan - ever more Finnish DU casualties caused by these "friends" and "allies" not to even mention the DNA changes causing deformed Finnish children to be born instead of healthy ones.

When in June 2007, a source near the Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) pointed us out that the FDF "might be" [read: is] against such idiocies, a fact now confirmed by the Finland's Chief of Defence, Admiral Juhani Kaskeala, we decided offer our helping hand, or more precisely pass FDF some guns they're able to stick to, namely our reports, should they need that.

Practical approach

So, we've started directly from our own country by providing a channel to medical treatment to some five million Finns currently existing (and all those to be born in the future, of course), made our way through all the crap there is in the internet by pointing out that the issue is already been preliminary taken care by the Finnish UN troops themselves. It is to these guys, not us that every Finn should turn into, if needing medical aid.

NDHF position

The issue being now in the best possible hands of the Finnish Defence Forces, our civilian crew is more than happy to leave this to them and concentrate ourselves on those really lacking help, the Iraqi and Afghan people the best we can, and hopefully, much better.

When you keep on placing disinformation such as our comment section, such as

(a) outdated sources like this
(b) quotes from the very same guys that are responsible for nuking the planet like here (of course they're denying it - what else they could say, we mean)
(c) those bying more time for their nuking by putting the blame on others like here (implying Sarin, which jolly well does not have anything to do with the U-236 isotope involved in the DU cases).

you baselessly challenge the very emergency aid chain currently providing concrete medical treatment for some five million plus Finns everywhere in the world. These being our beloved countrymen and -women, we cannot let the disinfo placed to our comment section (such as calling the participants of the Finnish functional medical treatment channel "villains", "scaremongers", "miracle elixir snake oil salesmen of the old American west", telling "to quit wasting your valuable search time") to deceive our people, so it is you that is forcing us back to the issue and it is you who's waste our time.

Though we thank you for challenging our reporting, the replies we're writing perhaps making more people aware of the hazards of depleted uranium (this likely helping them to understand how extreamely dangerous situation the US-UK-Israeli use of DU has put the Middle-East and, possibly even the entire world), we are not nuclear physicists and accordingly leave the investigation and reporting of these aspects of DU to the professionals and rather concentrate ourselves on how to help the victims (including those to come) in a concrete manner.

What comes to the concrete help, according to our analysis the most appropriate way to help the Afghan and Iraqi peoples is to do everything we can in order to put this war to an end as soon as possible, so to get the international community in, so to clean up the mess (such as the DUed tanks radiating there on the spot), provide medical treatment, put up warning signs to no-go-areas, and everything possible that can be done to help the Afghans and Iraqis, whose bravery we've learned to respect and whose people we've learned to love.

Previous NDHF coverage:

AFGHANISTAN: Finland, NATO, U.S. and Depleted Uranium

AFGHANISTAN WAR: Medical Threatment Channel for Finnish UN troops contaminated by U.S.-U.K.-Israeli used Depleted Uranium (DU) Already Exists Between UN Troops Themselves (@-contact suggestion included)

AFGHANISTAN: Finnish UN Officer Contaminated by Depleted Uranium (DU)(Note also the comment section included)

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Link: theunitedstatesofmonsters.blogspot.com/2007/08/afghanistan-proof-of-harmfulness-

:: The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this website.

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