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Internet Yellow Pages Collects Your Money for Zionist Occupation

Sabbah's blog

December 11, 2007

The following is some information that I have found concerning something that is going on which should concern everyone who is troubled by misinformation, trickery, and support of brutal Israeli/Zionist policies.

A few weeks ago while "surfing" the internet, I came across an article which had JUST hit the internet that morning, YELLOWPAGES.travel & SearchBoth.com Officially Launch Their Muslim Heritage Program

It states the following:

Zionist YellowPages

YELLOWPAGES.travel & SearchBoth.com have officially launched its Muslim Heritage Video Program. The video is an inspirational presentation that demonstrates some of the positive contributions Muslim-Americans have made to the world.

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 19 /PRNewswire/ — YELLOWPAGES.travel and SearchBoth.com have officially launched their long-anticipated Muslim Heritage Video Program. The three-minute emotional rollercoaster takes you through the trials and tribulations of Muslim-Americans before leading into the vast contributions Muslims from around the world have made. The video is the first of a series of Muslim awareness and heritage videos that YELLOWPAGES.travel and SearchBoth.com have planned to release. "Today, there is so much discrimination and prejudice in the world. We need to educate people on the immense contributions that Muslims as well as other heritages have afforded this world. With this education will come respect for one another, which in turn will lead to less hatred," states Bobby Kalili, the creator of the videos.

The Muslim Heritage

Video program is, however, one piece of a much larger vision. YELLOWPAGES.travel and SearchBoth.com have additionally created heritage video programs for an array of other heritages, including, African-American, Jewish, Iranian-American, Gay and Lesbian, and American, with many more in the pipeline. "The point isn’t to bring awareness to or for one particular group, but to all groups," continues Kalili. The Muslim Heritage Video can be seen at: http://www.MuslimHeritage.us

About YELLOWPAGES.travel and SearchBoth.com

YELLOWPAGES.travel and SearchBoth.com are owned by YellowPages Corporation and operated by InternetLabz.com; an internet incubation company with popular websites such as http://www.YELLOWPAGES.travel which searches the top 12 travel sites with one click and also http://www.SearchBoth.com which searches Google and Yahoo side by side on one split screen along with your choice of any 9 search engines or 12 travel sites side by side as well. The company also offers services over instant messenger. http://www.YellowPagesMessenger.com, which is a suite of services over instant messenger, uses the screen names "FreeYellowPages" and "MyDictionary" to provide YellowPages and dictionary over AOL & MSN messenger.

When I linked to the video (which has since been taken down) I was absolutely shocked to see the misinformation contained there.

This supposed "Muslim Heritage" video contained pictures of many Arab Americans and others, but almost none of them were Muslim. Now I need to make myself VERY clear here. This video concerned me because I KNEW it would be used as a tool to discredit Muslims in some way, that it would be pointed out quickly that the video was false, that derogatory things would be said, for instance that Muslims were trying to claim fame by using Christian Arabs as reference, in short, that this video would be used in a way that is harmful. I saw that the maker of this video was one Bobby Kalili and found the number easily on the internet for the Yellow Pages. I called that number and voiced my concerns, that there was misinformation in the video, that I had concerns that this misinformation would be turned against Muslims in SOME way and that there SHOULD be a video made but with the PROPER information. The gentleman I spoke to seemed surprised, (the press release had only been up for about an hour) and said, "Oh really, well, I will be sure to pass on this information". You see there IS a person (myself) who wondered WHY such an idiotic video was made when there are PLENTY of Muslims who could have been portrayed but were NOT.

TO NOTE: The video has since been pulled, BUT, there is NO information out there concerning the background of the producer of this film and what else he is up to. However, the video is on YouTube and you CAN view it HERE which of course is complete with negative comments about Islam and the fact that the video is comprised mostly of Christian Arabs. What is strange is that the video was posted on YouTube in June but yet not released in a press release by the Yellowpages.travel until November 19th!!!

Now, guess where I found that link to the video? None other than some of the most infamous Zionist blogs: Dhimmi Watch whose co-founder is Hugh Fitzgerald! And who else? Well, we have HotAir with another post knocking this video, another one here and last but not least, the master of this Zionists’ gang, Little Green Footballs with a post: "Yellow Pages Schills for Islam, Claims Zappa Was a Muslim".

Do you think someone should contact Little Green Footballs to let them know they are FULL OF IT once they are given the facts below? Do they care? I doubt…

You see, pieces are coming together… slowly… At least by now my first predections about the perception to this video came true. The above listed gang did exactly what they should have done (that Muslims were trying to claim fame by using Christian Arabs as reference). But the story does not end here. The best part is coming yet.

After I got off the phone I decided to find out who Bobby Kalili was who produced this video.

THIS article which has been cached had the link to THIS article which is rather interesting by someone complaining about one of his companies, Bidrent, that article also states that Bobby "Kalili" freely admits to using TWO names, Bobby Kalili and Robert Roth.

But THIS link which is an interview with Bobby Kalili is VERY interesting:

I recorded an interview with Bobby Kalili, CEO of TollFreeYellowPages.com who owns a couple of interesting pieces of intellectual property.

Last week, TFYP announced that they had received an investment of $32.5 million from a Saudi Prince. Given that the company is a pure start up, this is a bold and audacious punch into the already crowded toll free directory asistance business.

WOW- that’s a big chunk of change to invest in an upstart company. But then "Saudi princes" invest in a great deal of business ventures with all that money available.

Still, I was curious, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

A few days ago, a news release was issued:

YELLOWPAGES.travel Donates to Multiple Jewish Charities

YELLOWPAGES.travel, a tool that enables users to search the top 12 travel websites with one click, has launched a charity program where it will donate 15% of its net profits to multiple charitable organizations including the Israeli Defense Fund (IDF), Simon Weisenthal Center, and the Jewish Federation.

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 4 /PRNewswire/ — Yellow Pages Corporation, operator of popular online YellowPages sites and telephone books including travel website aggregator YELLOWPAGES.travel, today announced it will be donating to multiple Jewish charities such as the Israeli Defense Fund (IDF), Simon Weisenthal Center, and the Jewish Federation.

YellowPages Corporation, an entity that has been providing business directories for nearly 100 years has now stepped into the travel market with YELLOWPAGES.travel. The site is a tool that enables users to search the top 12 travel websites such as Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline, Kayak, HotWire, SideStep, Travelzoo and other major travel websites side by side on one screen without having to search each website individually.

Today, the company has announced that it will donate 15% of the net proceeds of YELLOWPAGES.travel to multiple charities. Several of these charities are Jewish organizations which will directly benefit from the growth of the site. The Israeli Defense Fund, Simon Weisenthal Center and the Jewish Federation will all benefit from increased usage of the site. To view more information about the new YellowPages charity program please visit http://www.YELLOWPAGES.travel/charity.

Also, users of Google and Yahoo! can save time by using SearchBoth.com, a site that places both Google and Yahoo! side by side, on one split screen. 15% of all revenue generated by SearchBoth.com will also be donated to multiple Jewish charities. Users of travel sites, Google, and Yahoo! are urged to use YELLOWPAGES.travel and SearchBoth.com instead.

About YELLOWPAGES.travel

YELLOWPAGES.travel has found the solution for travelers that are tired of searching over a dozen travel websites looking for bargains. A tool that enables users to enter their travel and flight information once and have the results pages of the major travel sites placed on one screen.

YELLOWPAGES.travel is owned by YellowPages Corporation and managed by InternetLabz.com, an Internet incubation company with popular websites such as http://www.SearchBoth.com which places the top search engines such as Google and Yahoo! side by side on one screen and also http://www.YellowPagesMessenger.com which is a suite of services such as YellowPages and Dictionary over AOL and MSN instant messenger using the screen names "FreeYellowPages" and "MyDictionary."
Website: http://www.YELLOWPAGES.travel/charity/
Website: http://www.YellowPagesMessenger.com/
Website: http://www.SearchBoth.com/



DO YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN? The misinformation in this video which was PRODUCED by Bobby Kalili is being used against Muslims by the usual Muslim bashers. Muslims DID NOT produce this video, A ZIONIST "ENTREPENEUR" WHO IS DONATING FUNDS TO THE ISRAELI DEFENSE FUND DID!!! "Saudi princes" are Muslims, maybe he could have put THEM in the video (that’s if the Saudi princes story is true)!

NOW: THIS article just appeared on the same day as the one declaring donations would be made to the Israeli Defense Fund:

CSR News from: YELLOWPAGES.travel

YELLOWPAGES.travel Partners with Orbitz.com and Donates 15% of Net Proceeds to Multiple Charities.

(CSRwire) YELLOWPAGES.travel: a tool that enables users to search the top 12 travel websites with one click has now partnered with Orbitz.com and donates 15% of net proceeds to multiple charities. Users of Orbitz.com can now search YELLOWPAGES.travel along with 11 other major travel sites with one click and donate to multiple charities such as the American Red Cross and the American Cancer Society, among others…Read on!

HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…..NO mention of the Israeli Defense Fund!

Basically speaking, google Yellowpages.travel and see what you find. They have partnered with MANY different travel companies.

What you do NOT find on YELLOWPAGES.travel website is any link to the company that produces the Yellow Pages phone books we all get. I called the number given at http://www.yellowpages.travel/aboutus/ and asked them if they had anything to do with the original http://Yellowpages.com which is a subsidiary of AT&T and was told they do not. Yesterday I called the REAL Yellow Pages and asked them if they have anything to do with this Internet "Yellow Pages" which for all intents and purposes LOOKS just like the Yellow Pages we all know, and they said absolutely not. What is most interesting is what this group yellowpagesservices.com claims:

"For over 100 years businesses and consumers alike have known and trusted the Yellow Pages for providing quality business directories. Now, we offer a whole new suite of services backed by a name you can trust -CEO, YellowPages, Inc."

And HERE it states: http://www.internetlabz.com/press.php

Los Angeles, CA
June 1,2007

"The Yellow Pages has been a known and trusted brand for over 100 years. Now, they have taken Yellow Pages business listings online with over 300 targeted Yellow Pages websites that enable online searchers to make fast, efficient searches with little effort. The company operates 300+ Yellow Pages websites which are all targeted to a specific industry. For example, if a consumer is looking for an appraiser, they can simply go to www.AppraiserYellowPages.com and select which kind of appraiser. From auto appraisers to real estate appraisers, the directory is specifically targeted to only appraisers.

THEY who "has been a known and trusted brand name for 100 years" (the REAL Yellow Pages/AT&T) has NOT taken THIS company to the internet. Bobby Kalili of InternetLabz has!!

I think now it is very clear what this gang of companies (along with the help of Zionist PR blogs mentioned above) are trying to do.

I am asking at this point that you spread this information wherever you can. Also, you might want to think about where some of your money goes if you use http://www.yellowpagesservices.com/ for anything. Other companies in this group are searchbot (which allows you to search google and yahoo at the same time), bidrent, discountmore, and bidsell.

Moreover, if you wanna do your country a good, call the REAL Yellow Pages and tell them what this Bobby Kalili is doing with their name, brand and logo!!!

Here is a copy of the video if you still haven’t seen it:

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