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Americans Say Iraqis Unappreciative of Favors

Haifa Zankana, Translated By Ferris Tubia


March 31, 2008

Five years crammed with devastation, destruction and vagrancy. Trees burning, and breathing the Uranium-loaded air, flowing from north to south, spreading slow death all over, not distinguishing between race, gender or religion.

All types of cancer are stretching and reproducing as fast as their malignant cells; like the abominable racism,; like men coming home to take revenge on their people and their country; like children suddenly losing their innocence, turning into men ready to use their weapon; or maybe like an Iraqi woman, in her black barracan, in an everlasting mourning, looking in hospitals and graves for her beloved ones, with a face eaten by sadness. This face has forgotten the meaning of happiness. It was created by God with lips and eyes always prepared to cry; with eyes blazed with bitterness, taking her permanent rage everywhere she goes, forcing herself to keep living, reminding herself every second that raising what is left from her kids is more essential than cowardliness and death.

Five years have passed and the barbarians, and whoever gave them the keys to our cities, have been living on our land, killing and then justifying, throwing their sweet words at us, trying to fool us into believing their lies and excuses, to keep their hands clean from the blood that is covering the streets and the sidewalks; covering our eyes from seeing anything but death. They are all conquerors; Americans, British, Israelis, and Iraqi serving them, begging them to stay, afraid of their definite fate, death.

Five years have passed. So, how did the conquerors find us Iraqis? According to parts of their speeches and statements, "Iraqis deny our favors and kindness towards them. They do not appreciate our sacrifices. Screw them sons of a *****. They do not stop attacking us. They are (Hajj and Hajja) [pilgrims], and they deserve instantaneous death; let’s kill the Hajj and Hajja so we can enjoy the wealth; let’s put them all in Abu Ghraib, they are a bunch of illiterate delinquents…Iraq is not what you see on TV, it is ten times worse. It is actually the worst spot on the face of earth"

"I despise this country. It’s a desolate desert. It has no McDonald’s," says the conqueror, while looking at one of the historical sites, or let’s say ruins. Then we hear an American corporal screaming at the Iraqi soldiers surrounding him, "I feel like killing today. We need to do some more terrorist-hunting." When Lynndie England, the former American reservist who achieved absolute equality between men and women in practicing the different forms of torture and abuse in Abu Ghraib, tried to justify her cruelty towards the Iraqi prisoners’ naked bodies, she said that she was "bored" and she actually was ordered by individuals in higher ranks to do so; then we have Abeer Kassim Hamza Al-Janabi, the little Iraqi girl whose house was attacked by the American marines, and whose parents and sister Hadeel were killed and she, the little girl, was communally raped by a collection of Americans. Before committing their crime, and before releasing a report accusing the Sunni insurgents of this inhumane crime, the American soldiers were thinking to themselves, "We want to taste the pleasure of having sex with an Iraqi woman." More and more innocent people are being killed, even children and powerless women, like in the massacres of Haditha, Al Kaem, and Al-Ishaqi, where the most modern and developed ways of psychological and physical torment and torture were used; like the Iraqi prisoners, being transferred to cells outside Iraq, resembling zombies, disappearing unknowingly, in blurred locations, I wonder if they exist!

"Hajj Girl", which is a demeaning nickname for Iraqi women, is the most popular song amongst the young soldiers. It talks about a soldier using a little Iraqi girl as a human armor during an Iraqi attack. The song finishes with, "and when the bullets spurted out of the rifle, the blood escaped her eyes, just like bullets out of a rifle, and I laughed hysterically!" An American marine advises his fellows to kill unhesitant, "shoot your bullets swiftly, and if it hunts a civilian, well, I guess you’d rather have his mother weeping than yours." How about the other civilians, the ones that opened the gates of our cities to the conquerors, believing naively that these raiders are going to save us, or maybe they were looking for their own advantage, or perhaps they wanted to take revenge on whoever has stayed in Iraq so they can taste the bitterness...Who knows!

When the Abu Ghraib scandal was uncovered and the pictures were accessible to the whole world, Jalal Talabani legitimated the case, smiling, saying that the former regime led by Saddam Hussein had committed what is more brutal and dreadful. It feels like there is a competition to cruelty against Iraqis, which Talabani entered to beat his rivals who are trying to take control of Iraq, and maybe to beat Saddam. It was funny that the Human Rights Watch representative agreed with Talabani that what happened in the prisons was "normal" , forgetting, due to his idiocy or perhaps mental enslavement, that his position requires him to defend human "rights" at any cost. Then we had Ayad Allawi, who imposed Martial Law on Iraq (except for the northern cities) as soon as he was chosen by the Director of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance in Iraq Paul Bremer to become the prime minister in the interim Iraqi government. Allawi was the face of the Operation Phantom Fury in Fallujah, bombing its sacred mosques, slaughtering its youth and simply tearing down the whole city. The same ravage fell on Najaf, Karbala, Mosul, Samraa, and Telafer led by Allawi and whoever succeeded him of those prejudiced prime ministers, starting with Jaafari to Al Maliki, and definitely instructed by Talabani and Barazani. And to the team contributing to the crumbing of Iraq brick by brick emerges Tareq El Hashimi, the Iraqi vice president and head of the Islamic party, living on his thirst to sectarian representation and begging the Americans to stay. All of the prejudice-worshippers have released their pronouncements for the fifth anniversary to our "freedom", pointing at the importance of fighting terrorism, warning us of the consequences of the "multinational" military forces leaving us now. Mowaffak al-Rubaie also released his statements as usual. He was the one rewarded by Bremer by appointing him National Security Advisor, which is an incumbency made just for him, irrevocable by the Iraqi government. It is widely known that Al-Rubaie, or Moe Baqqer which was the name he preferred to go by while in Britain, was a spokesman for the Islamic Dawa Part in the 1980’s, and has remarkably good relations with the Khoei Foundation, which supports the American way of dealing with Iraq and the Middle East in general. Bremer’s reward for al-Rubaie were in return for his services as a mailman, transferring letters back and forth from Bremer to Ali al-Sistani. Rubaie is well known for his boldness in releasing false, untruthful statements and going back on his words calmly and sneakily on the BBC of afterwards, and then later he releases other statements that completely contradict his older ones. He is the one that accused the terrorist Sunnis, according to the BBC, of bombing the two-Imam tombs in Samraa, in a time where the last thing we would need is to pour gas on the fire.

He was also the one announcing in October of 2007 that the reason the security agencies in Iraq are committing all these crimes is because of the protection they receive due to the 17th amendment released by Bremer. What he forgot to mention is that during that time, he was the National Security Advisor for the Coalition Provisional Authority, but he never objected any decision made. He was actually well known for his blind obedience to Bremer.

Rubaie also attended the execution of Saddam Hussein and came out claiming that Saddam was "very broken", until we saw the hanging on film. He explained the trills of joy heard on the clip after the execution by saying that "It’s an Iraqi tradition for people to dance around the dead". He tried to justify this inhumane reaction, opposing all human rights promises made for the "new, democratic" Iraq.

Then Rubaie, a doctor just like Allawi and Jaafari, started competing with the former United States Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who said that killing half a million Iraqi children for the cause of getting rid of Saddam’s regime is reasonable. He, almost a decade later, affirmed on the CNN that the millions dying, on both the Iraqi and American side, is a price we have to pay to take control of the situation.

The statements and letters written by the American soldiers, those that we can read on the internet, show us that they want to leave Iraq as soon as possible, since they are tired of the Iraqis being unappreciative of their "favors" and "sacrifices", and on top of that, they are being fought against in every possible way, so they are begging their leaders to send them home now when they are in one piece. On the other hand, all the stooges, with their different prejudices and idiocies, are begging the conquerors to stay and protect them, just like now, in the Green Zone. So, if we assume that al Rubaie’s pronouncement represents what the stooges are thinking, then, and for the first time ever, he was telling the truth when he said, "If we do not triumph, if we do not win this war, then we are over!".

- A writer from Iraq

Iraq - Al Quds Al Arabi - Original Article (Arabic)

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